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Hi! I'm Kristen (aka Keeks), and I am SO happy you're here!! We are a family owned and operated business that has been a DFW hidden gem since 2010!

My husband, Robert (pictured), my dad, Mark, and I work together every single day (for better or worse... haha!) and have grown Keeks from a tiny store in Collin Creek Mall to the 10,000 square foot handbag heaven it is today.

We believe that everyone deserves luxury, and we can't wait to help you find your dream bag.

Why Keeks? 

Simply put: authenticity.

It all comes back to authenticity. First and foremost, we offer a 100% money back authenticity guarantee. We are thrilled that the resale market is gaining popularity, but if you're not purchasing from the right sources, you could be getting duped. We are passionate about getting your hands on REAL designer items. Even though we've been in the business for over a decade (and Robert's favorite game is "spotting fakes in the wild"...) we don't leave it up to us - we use 3rd party authentication on ALL of our luxury pieces. The service we use most is Entrupy, which you can read more about here.

As a business, we are also authentically us: honest, trustworthy, fun, and we don't take ourselves too seriously. In fact, our tagline for YEARS has been "designer fashion without the designer attitude." Have you ever shopped at a luxury retailer and were made to feel less-than? UGH ME TOO - it's the worst! THAT is what we are fighting against. We LOVE helping people find the perfect bag to commemorate hitting a goal or celebrating a milestone, and when you share your special wins with us, we want to make the experience special for YOU!

Carry On!