Top 10 Reasons to Gift Yourself a Designer Handbag this Holiday

Welcome to rationalization station. We’re honored to be your nonjudgmental cheerleaders chanting “treat yo’self” during what is—for many people—one of the most hectic times of the year.

We’ve all been there: you’re diligently working away at your shopping list for all the gifts you need to secure for others when something absolutely perfect and slightly indulgent catches your eye. No one on your list would appreciate this…but you sure would. The guilt sets in. “No! I’m supposed to be buying things for others!” You look at the tag. It’s a really good deal…a really, really good deal.

What do you do?

We invite you to refer to Keeks’ Top 10 Reasons to Treat Gift Yourself a Designer Handbag this Holiday. Here we go:

#10 – You’ve been really good this year

And it hasn’t been easy, has it? Remember all those other things you really wanted to buy or do, but you resisted? You’ve been on lock down like this Gucci Padlock Top Handle, haven’t you? Maybe it was all just to save up for this moment!

Gucci Padlock Leather Top Handle Bag

#9 – The deal is here now

We’ve all been there. “Oh, look at that—and it’s on sale. I’ll think about it.” But then when you thought about it and went back, IT WAS GONE. Carpe diem, baby. The deal is here and the time is now. Consider, for instance, this extremely perfect Louis Vuitton Neverfull with matching Epi Pochette marked down to $1049.99!

Louis Vuitton Neverfull and Pochette Epi

#8 – You need a handbag when you’re running all these holiday errands

Wouldn’t shopping feel a little less like a chore and a little…oh, I don’t know, GRAND with something like a Chanel Grand Shopping Tote on your arm helping you through your day?

Chanel Grand Shopping Tote

#7 – Is anyone else really going to know to get you this perfect handbag?

You’ve been dropping hints. Maybe you’ve even tipped off one of the Keeks sales associates to let your gifters know what you want (you can do that, you know). But can you be absolutely sure you’re going to get the thing you really want? Sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands—in your hands like this dramatic Chanel Camellia Wristlet could be.

Chanel Large Camellia Logo Wristlet

#6 – Self-appreciation is important

You probably do have a lot of people in your life who appreciate you, but cultivating a loving relationship with yourself is an important and ongoing job. Have you done anything nice for yourself recently? Couldn’t you use a pat on the back in the form of, say, a Chanel Gabrielle Backpack?

Chanelle Gabrielle Backpack

#5 – It can remind you to count your blessings

So often we need reminders to stop and experience the richness and abundance in our everyday lives. Gifting yourself something with intention that you’ll use often, enjoy, and treasure can be a great prompt to remember all the goodness that is you and is around you. This embroidered Gucci Marmont knows you're loved.

Gucci GG Marmont Embroidered Velvet

#4 – An elevated look will help you start the New Year off strong

A quality investment piece to elevate your look is a great way to refresh and step it up in 2020. Take life by the reins and show yourself and every onlooker that you mean business!

Louis Vuitton Double V Leather

#3 – You can show up to holiday events looking fresh

Are you really trying to feel frumpy when you inevitably bump into your ex or that mean chick from high school when you’re back in your hometown? We didn’t think so. This Louis Vuitton Alma would never let that happen. 

Louis Vuitton Alma

#2 – This is time to celebrate

There’s a reason for all the twinkle lights and cocktail parties this time of year. This is a moment to light up the darkness, be grateful, and rejoice in good company. Another year is coming to a close—get festive! This  Gucci GG Marmont Mate Mini is in the spirit to make merry. 

Gucci GG Marmont Mate Mini

#1 – Filling your own cup will help you fill others’

It’s one of those magical life lessons: the more you take care of you and the less you deny and repress yourself, the more you’ll have to offer those around you. The holidays can feel like they require a lot of us, but if we’re careful to allow ourselves to really receive—even from ourselves—the giving can feel more free and joyful. We’re wishing you all kinds of warm fuzzies like these…and like this Louis Vuitton Shearling Thunder Bag.

Louis Vuitton Thunder Shearling Bag